Measure us against our values!

Let precision, saftey an reliability win you over.

mg-sensor GmbH specializes in measuring force, torque and angular rate. Our staff develop, produce and sell innovative precision products for a wide range of market requirements. Reliable values are at the core of sensor technology. This applies not only to technology but also to people. At least as far as mg-sensor is concerned. Together we want to achieve excellence, combining this with high standards in terms of values, ethics and quality of life. We also lead by example. As a high-performance company, we offer our customers and business partners the highest level of expertise. And they appreciate it. Our in-depth knowledge of market requirements and the decades of experience that our staff have gained in the industry make us a trustworthy partner for all our customers. We offer high product quality, a good price/performance ratio and short cuts due to our low overheads. For our staff, „pure precision“ is as clear-cut as open communication and transparent action. We also offer you customized sensor solutions, bespoke products and a clear set of values – a valuable basis on which to build a long-lasting and fair business relationship.

Let us build on it!